Friday, February 8, 2013

Your Mauritius Vacation is a Whale of a Time

If your idea of the best vacation spot is to be able to relax in one of the many luxury locations that exists anywhere in the world, then your first leaps onto the beach at Mauritius you will immediately  know that it is right where you should be!  Maybe you have never been in the ocean or experienced the sport of surfing, it is dazzling to catch a wave and fun to ride a few with the Ocean so bright.

As an island situated in the Indian Ocean, it should not come as a surprise that Mauritius contains some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world! It should also not come as a surprise that each is unique in its own way, and each has much to offer. 2.8.2013

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Surfing is the Best Dport For the Whole Family

              Trip I took to Kona, Hawaii Article with Video  ,,One of the greatest movements in surfing history! This originally was published as a newsletter for stand up paddle surfing magazine, this article .If you are going to learn to surf, then understand that regardless of how  you might ride a wave after a number of tries, surfing is not something you just pop up and do .The pier, for the circumstance that it does extend so far into the water, is an excellent place to watch the surfers that flock to the area when the swells are ready to surf on . Ocean surfing is a water sport where you attempt to carry yourself while riding a surfboard on a breaking wave and able to balance your attitude with your senses.The idea that surfing is not just a sport, is totally false , it is a lifestyle choice, and it is just like any other sport , except that it’s a relaxing sport to watch .Tide or Ocean surfing is all about experience, and understanding tides is an important aptitude that will help you for as long as you’re a surfer What is so great about surfing for all in the ocean surf is becoming one of the most common and entertaining water sport among children, and keep them out of trouble.The plain and un doubtfully the fact is that surfing is its own sport with its own attitudes and language.Ocean wave surfing is an exhilarating ride which requires an excellent amount aptitude and balance, not only to get up on the board, but further to remain on it, and enjoy the peacefulness of God’s water. Huntington Beach, Ca. which is in this coastal and sunny region of California, surfing is one of the most popular pastimes that people have, waiting for the big wave , it’s so fun to watch also, how these surfer’s ride inside a curl or tube.Surfing in the Ocean can bring a new attitude to a person and  is a way of living sport, it not only brings lots of joy to the surfer it brings about a positive change in the psyche as well. To be an Ocean surfer  is a great way to get in your daily quota of exercise that every person should engage in and enjoy what you are doing at the same time.The Idea of surfing is a sport where one stands on a board generated of balsa wood, fiberglass, or any other new material that some out by manufacturer’s .The Surfboards are expensive for a good board yet reasonable to get a used one as far as the equipment is concerned, surfing is again more cost practical.Water surfing is one of most thrilling and exciting water sports, which has new experiences in store, every time one rides waves.In the beginning of surfing it was a huge sport  in the America;s yet surfing is believed to have been a part of the ancient Polynesian culture and was first pointed out by Europeans which to this day produce some excellent surfer’s as well as the United States.The way of catching the wave is such a rush, surfing is one of the coolest and most exciting water sports you’ll come across.When your ever at the  beach and look in the Ocean and see these people form all ages surfing, well  if surfing is what surfing is , a fun family sport for all.what you are hooked on, then this is the sport that will require you  to head for bigger and better swells and to travel and surf other areas of the world.Surfing is a challenge to yourself, and a good clean sport for the whole family.More Surf Videos I took and My Music and Articles

Christopher Hyer 3.8.2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Waves it is, and Surf Photography

This man has the right idea of catching the waves , Clark Little, you know of him, if not read the article written by me on the link it's pretty good stuff, this guy goes to his office , which is at the North Shore ,Pipeline area to the Surfing community, and takes pictures of the waves, not just any snapshot,by no means, this fellow, has it together , His work is to be displayed at Washington in The Museum mentioned in the article . I did not get a time frame, but if you live in the area I would go and see his fine photographs. He is a Pro Surfer as well and about my age in his 40s. I have been making plans to hit Pipeline myself in March I think, if all works out and whenI return I will share the beautiful Photographs of the area and some great surf shots I am sure. I have nevr seen the North Shore on the main Island and looking forward to going. I have thought about moving to Hawaii and I am going to check it out. I love the Ocean and I like the tropics , it's a different world in Hawaii, I still feel like I'm in a different foreign country when I am there. Anyway just an update to this site and I willl keep it alive as long as I can. I miss my friends surfing Mustang Island as well, and North Padre Island, Texas. I shall soon make a pass that way. Take Care..
Christopher Hyer 2.25.2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Surfing Photography and My Island Away from Home

Living in hell , come here to Midland, Texas and get a piece of your oil well, so you can fly out of here on the weekends, is what I say!! I Love the water, the Ocean, most of all, I love to hear the waves hit the beach all day long, and its my downfall also, and If you people don't start clicking my ads , Its over with here, I have made quite a bit of money lately writing articles for a living and I am ready to shoot film on the Island, In Padre Island, Texas, The Funny thing is at where my website is and the locals know this, there is no interest in this film being made, no phone calls, not shit.
So What should I spend a dime at a place that does not give a crap if a film is made or not, I dont know, the Copyright laws are so that your possibly waiting for me to screw up and shoot one of you with film so you can sue my ass. Well Not going to happen , believe it, I am shooting there and have been , the film has been working and no one knows, yet except a few that signed a model release like I asked, Hell Port A Surf Company would not even let me into the damn forum, well that bothers me none, I have some of their surfers also on film with their permission. SO the film will be made despite the bullshit of no one but about 14 of you, that give a crap. I love it down there and I like to rock out, I like the surfer's I am working with and they will be happy . when I shoot, and the film looks damn great so far, If You want to get involved let me know, My number is listed.. peace out..Christopher Hyer

Monday, January 24, 2011

Padre North 2011 Film for Port Aransas , Texas and North Padre Island, Texas?

I did not do well last year with ,"The wave it is" a film project by Christopher Hyer , or aka padrenorth2009, it was five takes on film that had very bad footage from not taking care of the film and disc I had used. I was throughly dis organized when I shot on the Island of North Padre Island, Texas and Port Aransas , Texas from 2005 till 2009. I had used every format available to shoot from film motion  to still camera's to pawn shop bought camera's to make my pictures stand out, and they did, My you had many hits back in the day under padrenorth2009 and still does OK,. I post only my recordings as a musician and throw together video to make the so called music video, yes half -asses again, yet I am on the charts in music.
Back to the film , I thought I could do it all, and still do think anything is possible if you  try hard enough and work at it. I recently became a Catastrophe adjuster licence  in the state of Texas and found no work available because of the lack of hurricanes , which is good and bad for the occupation. So what are you Christopher Hyer, a photographer a filmography, a musician, a adjuster, well Yes I am all these things, with no specialty in any of them. lol
  I love people and I like to watch how they react or act to a certain motion of film and or pictures I take, My Photographs are all over the internet, and yet no penny was ever asked for , I just gave away my life as per one of my videos suggest. Go to you and find padrenorth2009 and you will see how many small time videos I had been doing and still do. I can make a new film happen, its a matter of the Camera's , so I will talk more about that, and if you have surfing experience in photography .I would appreciate a recommended camera to use, as I will have to rent one out for the quality I am seeking. I do take donations, may-bee I can find an affiliate that will donate to the cause. What another surf film, my idea is still the same , as it's a secret. A mystifier as to what I am going to write about. Updated 1.24.2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Padre North 2011 , Photographing the Surfer

I was looking over some old photos of surfing for North Padre Island, Texas and Mustang Island, in Port Aransas , Texas and found out a few interesting things,
 I was shooting backs and not getting the fronts of my surfing crowd, I call them mine cause you see , I take my Photography very serious even though I have fun with it, I will not make anyone look dumb out there in
the Ocean with Sharks and other stinging fish out there entertain me with stupid acts.

 I take a long trip to get home and that is taking a 550 mile trip to the Ocean in Corpus Christi, Texas and filming and or photographing the surfing community. There is quite a bit of action considering that the breaks are 3-4 ft and these girls and guys can ride them like they were 7 ft. waves. Its still amazing, I shoot from the pier and in the evening time I have to face toward the sun and of course my exposure is overwhelmed by the light and makes for some good silloettes , that's for sure, yet usually I can compnsate with my shutter and still get a pretty good shot. I have not shot down on  the coast in about 6 months , no swells the last time I went, now that I am thinking and working on a project for a film about the Island, and the people that surf , I am having to re-train on new camera's or try to at least. The angle shots I can usually work out I just move from one place to the next on the pier, with a backpack of camera's . I think when I shot down there I mixed in well with the locals, never infringed on their privacy, they were doing what relaxed them as I was doing the same, yet no money became of my shots,because that was not why I shot the surfer in South Texas.
  I started this late on Sunday night and will follow up every other day, maybee some one can provide some help as to what's the best in water housing I can get, and where and what type of film camera can I rent that will give me a HDV output and with Mic cababilities for interviews. Until I make it back on here , Thank You for listening to my thoughts. Christopher Hyer

Please Click the ads I am sure you know why, I need the hits and I need the money to finish what I  am about to start, there are some goof ads for Camera's and Affiliates I will post soon. God Bless.

Padre North 2011 is my name I go by for the sake of the Internet and some of my friends use to use padrenorth2009 , yes I decided to change out for the new , this is a Hyer Specialties company and I am
a Photographer , not only for sports, but many things.

Please go to  for the latest information I keep updated every day now.

PS There will be a blog called Padre North 2011 if I can get it. 1.23.2011