Friday, February 25, 2011

The Waves it is, and Surf Photography

This man has the right idea of catching the waves , Clark Little, you know of him, if not read the article written by me on the link it's pretty good stuff, this guy goes to his office , which is at the North Shore ,Pipeline area to the Surfing community, and takes pictures of the waves, not just any snapshot,by no means, this fellow, has it together , His work is to be displayed at Washington in The Museum mentioned in the article . I did not get a time frame, but if you live in the area I would go and see his fine photographs. He is a Pro Surfer as well and about my age in his 40s. I have been making plans to hit Pipeline myself in March I think, if all works out and whenI return I will share the beautiful Photographs of the area and some great surf shots I am sure. I have nevr seen the North Shore on the main Island and looking forward to going. I have thought about moving to Hawaii and I am going to check it out. I love the Ocean and I like the tropics , it's a different world in Hawaii, I still feel like I'm in a different foreign country when I am there. Anyway just an update to this site and I willl keep it alive as long as I can. I miss my friends surfing Mustang Island as well, and North Padre Island, Texas. I shall soon make a pass that way. Take Care..
Christopher Hyer 2.25.2011

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