Friday, February 11, 2011

Surfing Photography and My Island Away from Home

Living in hell , come here to Midland, Texas and get a piece of your oil well, so you can fly out of here on the weekends, is what I say!! I Love the water, the Ocean, most of all, I love to hear the waves hit the beach all day long, and its my downfall also, and If you people don't start clicking my ads , Its over with here, I have made quite a bit of money lately writing articles for a living and I am ready to shoot film on the Island, In Padre Island, Texas, The Funny thing is at where my website is and the locals know this, there is no interest in this film being made, no phone calls, not shit.
So What should I spend a dime at a place that does not give a crap if a film is made or not, I dont know, the Copyright laws are so that your possibly waiting for me to screw up and shoot one of you with film so you can sue my ass. Well Not going to happen , believe it, I am shooting there and have been , the film has been working and no one knows, yet except a few that signed a model release like I asked, Hell Port A Surf Company would not even let me into the damn forum, well that bothers me none, I have some of their surfers also on film with their permission. SO the film will be made despite the bullshit of no one but about 14 of you, that give a crap. I love it down there and I like to rock out, I like the surfer's I am working with and they will be happy . when I shoot, and the film looks damn great so far, If You want to get involved let me know, My number is listed.. peace out..Christopher Hyer

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